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Welcome to September!  We’ve had a hot and humid summer…..but hopefully with autumn arriving later this month, the heat and mugginess will subside a bit!

The Main Street Pub has great specials this month…Our Grilled Salmon Salad starts with Arcadian lettuce and is topped with candied pecans, crainsins, feta cheese, cucumbers, and grilled blackened salmon…. refreshing and healthy!

We have a great line up for the meat lovers among us. We are introducing our All Virginia Burger…..our signature burger topped with a mound of ham, swiss cheese, grilled onions, and barbeque sauce….so fabulous! Next, our O.G. Turkey Burger is back! A grilled turkey burger topped with diced red peppers, onions, pepper jack cheese, ranch dressing, lettuce, and tomato …a fabulous choice. Finally, we present our Chicken BLT Wrap…grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and topped with pesto aioli.

We are introducing 5 new specialty autumn cocktails for your enjoyment: Pumpkin Spice White Russian, Apple Cider Mimosa, Rosemary Old Fashion, Autumn Pear Mule and Gingerly Fall. Each is a fabulous adventure that you will want to try!

Live Music starts at 9:00 PM and continues until Midnight. Come and enjoy!


            Saturday, September 4            Justin and Bridgette

            Saturday, September 11          Joe Downer

            Friday, September 17              David Davol


We continue to be closed on Mondays due to staffing issues. You must have heard how difficult it continues to be for small businesses, especially restaurants, to recruit staff. We continue to need servers, cooks, cashiers, bartenders and dishwashers. If you are interested in joining our team – or know someone to recommend –please send them to me. I am considering finders’ fees and signing bonuses.


There are times in my life that absolutely amaze me…like when my children were born, or when we bought our home in Clifton, or buying The Clifton General Store…all great memories! Now I want to share a recent story that amazed me. Over the years there have been rumors that I am selling the store and pub. The rumors come and go. But this week, on Thursday, as I was working as the cashier, in a matter of 2 hours I had 3 people come by who were surprised that I was still at the store and pub. They had heard I had sold and left town! Now like I said rumors come and go, but never 3 people with the same rumor on the same day in a short period of time! Let me make myself clear…I am not selling the store and pub. Period. Anyone starting these rumors should stop. I have been in Clifton for 32 years and will be here tomorrow and beyond.   


I have been blessed with loyal patrons whom I have had the privilege to call my friends. When friends who have moved away come back, we catch up and it feels like those months and years away were just a blip in our lives. We still feel the closeness. It’s totally awesome!


We look forward to seeing you in September at The Main Street Pub.  


The McNamara Clan.