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Hello to everyone today on September 1st!  For the last 6 months during this pandemic, the lifestyle we knew has changed dramatically.  The “new normal” has been difficult at times for each and every one of us, but it must be practiced by all of us. 

Here at The Main Street Pub we are wearing our masks, sanitizing everything, reducing seating to keep the 6’ distance both inside and outside on the patio.  We believe it is our duty to keep our customers and staff safe. 

We are open 8:00 AM-10:00 PM Sunday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, and 11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday.   We are closed on Monday.  And we are serving our daily breakfast, lunch and dinner menu every day.   We also have instituted “on-line ordering”!   Just go to the website – - and click on the on-line option (top left just under menu). It will be ready for pick up in just a few minutes!

We’ve heard that during this pandemic, people are taking the time to do little jobs around the house or expanding their hobbies.  Following your lead, The Main Street Pub is getting a new roof!  That’s the good news…..the bad news is we will be closed for at least 4 days beginning today, September 1st.  Look on the bright side, no more leaking roof!  If everything works to our advantage (which includes the weather), we should be able to open by the weekend.  Fingers crossed!

Thank you for your patience.  Stay well and we look forward to seeing you soon at The Main Street Pub!

Judy and the McNamara Clan