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"This was my fourth visit this week. The reason being, there are friendly faces at all the tables."
- B.F.

"The absolute best burger I've ever had. Katie's a great cook!"
- S.J.

"We've told all our friends how great the food at the pub is."
- S.T.

"This is exactly what the town needed. A great pub and a friendly meeting place." 

"I'm embarrassed I keep coming back but it's such a comfortable atmosphere for me to sit by myself."
- D.K.

"The beer selection is phenomenal!"
- J.S.

"When I first heard they were going to carry beers on tap, I thought it was a bit over the top. Now I see it was the right thing to do, offering customers so many choices."
- B.H.

"The wine selections are great."
- P.M.

"Sitting on the deck, it feels like a bistro in paris."

"The service is great. We've been back 5 times and love having Kevin wait on us. He's efficient and a charmer."
- Joyce 


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