Welcome to March….the month with important holidays, the change of season, and special events at The Main Street Pub.  It is actually our most favorite month……it ‘s Irish American Heritage Month, which includes St. Patrick’s Day and since we are the McNamara Clan it makes it that more special to us! 


Corned Beef and Cabbage is the highlight of the Specials Menu in March…..makes sense, right?  Our Corned Beef and Cabbage is made fresh daily….a generous portion of corned beef brisket and cabbage, served with cooked carrots and red potatoes. Delicious and available all 31 days in March!! 


Knowing that everyone believes they’re “a wee bit” Irish, but is not a fan of corned beef and cabbage, we will have our Chili and a Grilli….very hearty and filling.  Also our Steak Quesadilla and the Harvest Pear Salad…..just great, great specials for all to enjoy, so come on by soon!


Our St. Patrick’s Day “Over the Top” Celebration will be held March 16th and 17th!  Beginning at 8 am we will have hourly specials and great food for you to enjoy….so come in and celebrate with us….get your GREEN on!


Our yearly Limerick Contest is a fun way to celebrate your Irish-ness!  Compose a fabulous limerick describing why you love The Main Street Pub and send it to mainstreetpub@vacoxmail.com and you could win the 2017 Limerick Contest!  And you could be awarded a gift certificate worth $100.00!!!  Time to get those creative juices flowing……


Calendar of Events


March 1:  National Peanut Butter Day…..and we’ve got your “remember your youth” peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

March 3:  Employee Appreciation Day…..we love our employees and thank them daily for their hard work and happy smiles.

March 8:  International Women’s Day…..let’s celebrate all women today.  The focus of this day is to support women workers and women’s rights in the workforce, politics, and society…..Go girlfriend!

March 9:  National Crab Meat Day:  we make our crab cakes daily….so good and NO filler…..just crab, crab, crab!

March 12:  Daylight Savings Time begins…..so you may be tired as you lost an hour of sleep last night…..yawn!

March 12:  Plant a Flower Day…..get out and play in the dirt to plant those spring flowers….feel like a kid again, playing in the dirt!

March 15:  Ides of March…..poor Caesar.


March 16 and March 17: “Over the Top” Celebration for St. Patrick Day(s):  hourly specials and great food…..so come and celebrate with us!!


March 19:  National Corn Dog Day…..we can make you a great Corn Dog Bite appetizers…..so good with honey mustard to dip them.

March 20:  1st Day of Spring…..let’s enjoy the patio today and every day to celebrate spring!

March 20:  Martini Season begins…..and from what we observe it lasts 365 days!!

March 26:  National Spinach Day…..we’ve got a great Spinach Dip for you to enjoy, so come on by and try it!




All live music begins at 9 PM


Phil Joannou plays every Wednesday


March 4:         Nick Coons

March 9:         Andrew O’Day

March 11:       Mike and Chris

March 18:       The Campbell Boys

March 25:       Sarah and Kevin



March 29:       Karaoke…..it’s so much fun….if you haven’t been here for this, you need to put it on your calendar…..you’ll be so entertained!!





What’s the history and up-to-date trivia info on the Irish in America?


Irish immigrants have traveled to and lived in the United States since the early18th century.  In fact, Irish immigrants participated in the American Revolution. Charles Carroll, signer of the United States Declaration of Independence was the descendant of Irish Nobility in County Tipperary.


The surge of Irish immigrants occurred with the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s.  Almost 2 million immigrants entered the country over that time.  Most of these immigrants were hired as laborers for roads, canals, sewers, and railroads.  They were also hired to build cities.  Kansas City was one city built by Irish immigrants and even today much of the population of Kansas City is of Irish descent.


35 million people in the US, which is 10.5% of the total population, claim Irish ancestry.  21.2% of the population of Massachusetts claims an Irish descent.  The Irish Americans are seen in all areas of our culture.  The Irish have dominated police and Fire Departments for over 100 years.  Twenty-one of our 45 US Presidents can prove their Irish heritage.   There have been many Irish Americans in films and TV, sports, literary and political figures, comedians and singers.


Like they say……everyone is a wee bit Irish!  And we are honored to have our Irish heritage! 






We can’t wait to see you all through the month of March.  We hope you will come in and enjoy our celebrations.  We believe that we are all one big Irish family and we include each and every one!  Just remember this Irish proverb…..



Here's to you and yours

And to mine and ours.

And if mine and ours

Ever come across to you and yours,

I hope you and yours will do

As much for mine and ours

As mine and ours have done

For you and yours!


We wish you a beautiful spring and a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day!  We look forward to seeing you soon at The Main Street Pub.  Stay well and keep smiling!


The McNamara Clan

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